Vehicle Tracking System

Efkon's real-time asset tracking and fleet management tool is designed for transport managers and logistic team to track assets & provide a range of customizable information and reports on vital data such as speed violation, route deviation, vehicle trip summary etc.

Customer Benefits:
  • Increased revenue throuugh reduction in fraud
  • Comprehensive Vehicle diagnostic and emergency alert
  • Enhanced vehicle productivity by reducing idle time
  • Consignment and vehicle safety
  • Driver performance report
  • Tracking through web/mobile/SMS
  • Advance planning of loading and unloading activities based on realtime information
  • Scalable for different fleet sizes
Key Features
24x7 Real-Time vehicle tracking Automated Tracking, Status Report, Internal Logging, Latest Location Saving
GSM/GPRS Steady flash protected machanism, Superior autio algorithms
GPS System Advanced AGPS technology without external memory, Anti-Jamming, Multi-tone Active Interference Canceller
Communication Text Messaging, Voice Messaging
Alerts Geo-fencing, Route Deviation, Device tampering,SOS alers, Power Disconnection & Reconnection
Fleet Summary Route Mapping, Halt Report & Ignition Status Report
Customer Care Support 24x7 Customer Service through Voice calls & Emails