Vehicle Tracking Device

Efkon's GPS based vehicle tracking device captures the vehicle coordinates and sends them to central database at pre-determined intervals. Using GPS technology, IT provides instant access to infrormation related to route infromation and ETA (estimated time of arrival) to fleet operators and bus pis systems.

Customer Benefits:
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Pilferage Avoidance
  • Route Guidance-Reduced Travel Time
  • Enhaced vehicle productivity by reducing idle time
  • Consignment and vehicle safety
  • Operational cost efficiency
Key Features
  • Fleet Summary:
  • Accurate GPS location tracking
  • Ignition on/off indicator
  • Halt Report & Unscheduled stops
  • Customizable tracking frequency
  • Audio alerts on device tampering, free-wheeling & Accident Detection
  • Internal GPS and GSM antenna
  • Panic/SOS button for drivers
  • IP 67 enclosure