Efkon's video based incident detection system (VIDS) provides accurate and reliable vehicle tracking automatic incident detection for highways, expressways. With an aim to make our roads safer and ensuring a smooth traffic flow, our vids can detect stalled vehicles, vehicles moving in counter direction/reversing vehicles etc.

Customer Benefits:
    Raise an alarm to prevent accidents on account of following incidents:
  • Unauthorized parked vehicles
  • Reversing vehicles
  • Stalled vehicles
  • Fakkeb object
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Low cost of Ownership
  • 24x7 intelligent monitoring of road
  • Faster resonsive time to accidents therre by reducing fatalities
Key Features
  • Automatic detection of traffic flow, congestion and traffic density
  • Monitoring traffic density and alert road users for congestions ahead
  • Detection of speed drop/ queuing up of vehicles
  • Can be inntegrated with respective systems for automatic challan generation
  • Alert the concerned authorities (police, ambulannce, road clearing services etc.) for immediate action
  • Detection of turning movements
  • Creation of masking zone is possible
  • Works with all makes of ordinary cameras
  • Maximum number of lanes that can be covered: 8 lanes
  • Maximum number of detection zones per region: 100 sones.