Efkon's tars is a unique incident capturing application for authenticated police users to capture various incidents on city roads. Police users can capture incident information like how the accident happened, The nature of injuries, incident photos etc.

Customer Benefits:
  • Accident reporting & recording
  • Analysis of accident & information dissemination to central controlroom
  • Incident management and quick reporting through citizen participation
  • Immediate information to authority about the incidents/ mishaps etc
  • Reduced dependency on patrolling vehicles and sensors
  • Strengthening the enforcement ambit of agencies
  • Effective management of safety, incidents and quality
  • Effective investigation and follow-up
Key Features
    Authenticated user can capture following information (but not limited to these):
  • How the accident happened
  • Detailed information about the vehicle(s) involved
  • Type and extent of human impact
  • Nature of any injuries
  • Incident photos
  • Cause of incident
  • Rating Matrix for monitoring Key performance indicators
  • Flexible for addition of any number of incident-categories and stakeholders (Police, RTO etc).

  • Improved Data and Management Information
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Real time data mining and analysis
  • Global visibility of information in real or near time
  • Transparency in the auditing process
  • Hierarchy based accessibility to issues reported