Efkon's speed enforcment system is a robust and ready-to-integrate system for e-challaning developed to identify vehicles not adhering to the perrmissible speed limit.

Customer Benefits:
  • Reduction in accidents by converting surveillance cameras into speed cameras
  • Determining the section speed and journey time measurement
  • Widening and strengthening the enforcement ambit through e-challaning
  • Integration with speed display systems helps to inform the road user about crossing speed limit
  • Customizable Speed Limit-Can be changed with respect to time of day
  • Easy maintenance & highly scalable system

  • Applicable in
  • Urban highways
  • Expressways
  • Ruralroads
Key Features
General Features
  • High Definition image capture
  • Perspective corection tools
  • Adaptive to all types of license plates
  • Automatic Challan generation
  • Highly connected communication network (both wireless & OFC)
  • Detection of commercial & Non commercial Number plate
  • Detection of Commercial & Non Commercial Number plate
  • Front and back image detection
  • Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates
  • Accuracy for standard number plates > 95%
  • Accuracy for non-standard number plates > 80%
  • Max. Speed limit for detection :160 kmph
Data of each license plate log
  • License plate number
  • Traffic direction & Lane ID
  • Vehicle image (JPG file)
  • Timestamp, GPS position, camera Id, couuntry, etc.