Equality & Diversity Commitment

It is the policy of EFKON not to discriminate on grounds of color, race, nationality, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, creed, religion, marital status, Trade Union membership, political persuasion, or disability when recruiting personnel or in the provision of services in general.

EFKON is committed to ensuring that all employees will demonstrate respect and fairness to their colleagues, the public with whom they come into contact, and the clients/customers for whose benefit they work. EFKON is committed to the elimination of any form of institutional discrimination or inappropriate behavior.

EFKON challenges any form of direct and indirect discrimination in its organization, personnel practices and provision of services. EFKON will not condone any form of direct or indirect discrimination, victimization, harassment or bullying of any person by its staff and will endeavor to ensure that its business partners and subcontractors adopt a similar policy.

EFKON’s policy applies to recruitment, training, promotion, transfer, pay and benefits and performance appraisal procedures in addition to all terms and conditions of employment. Regular reviews of existing procedures and criteria are undertaken, and changes made where necessary, to ensure that EFKON maintains the highest standards of equal opportunities.

These principles guide and inform the development of all employment policies and the provision of EFKON's services and work programs. This commitment is demonstrated by our globally diverse workforce. We welcome applications by all qualified people who would like to work in an environment where we strive to ensure that our customers, staff and associates are treated fairly, equally, and with dignity and respect.

As employer of choice EFKON offers a great place to work and will:

  • ensure fair and equal recruitment practices in EFKON Group
  • ensure fair and equal treatment of its employees and clients
  • maintain a culture and working environment free from discrimination and harassment
  • act promptly on any complaints of discrimination and harassment
  • provide a safe, secure and accessible working environment which values and respects
  • individuals’ identities and cultures
  • encourage and help all staff to reach their full potential
  • apply the Equality and Inclusion Policy in the selection and operation of subcontracts
  • monitor and review all policies and procedures from an equalities perspective