Efkon's Clearing house is an essential network for multi modal transaction management system which enables multiple revenue collection agencies to share transaction data and revenue reconciliation.

Customer Benefits:
  • Accelerated revenue
  • Reduced operating exprenses
  • Streamlined error handling-reduced error handling cost

  • Modular Design High End Solution for:
  • Electronic Toll Collection
  • Electronic Enforcement Systems
  • Parking Management System
  • Validation of Transaction-In case of any discrepancy
  • Identification of violators with valid evidence
  • Seamless integration with Core Banking Solution System
  • Easy & quick integration with concessionaire TMS
  • Reduced operational costs through process automation & better intelligence
Key Features
  • Elimination of manual intervention
  • Shorter processing time
  • Tracking and correcting the inevitable errors
  • Self service via the external web Applecation
  • Multi-Agency revenue sharing & Inter-Operability capabilities
  • Advanced Finance and audit capabilities
  • Full blown Inventory and Materials Management module
  • Intelligent technology to handle Images and documents
  • Embedded Business Intelligence and Management Dashboards