Efkon's V-ATCC is a standalone atccsystem based on neural network/map matching technique. It gathers real-time traffic data including count, classification, traffic volume, average traffic speed, time headway & occupancy.

Customer Benefits:
  • A complete IP Video based solution: Mobile & Non-Intrusive solution
  • On site video analysis through processor installed on pole
  • High accuracy in real time vehicle counting and classification
  • High reliability of vehicle classification up to 5 classes
  • Snapshot capture of each vehicle that is counted and clssified
  • Easy validation of traffic data obtained
  • Highly cost effective solution
  • Can be used for both temporary and permanent installation purpose
  • Easy Integration with third party Software
  • Operates 24x7 in all conditions

  • Applications
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Parkinng System
Key Features
  • Free Flow Traffic Count & Classification
  • Can detect vehicles from side view (Perspective correction tools)
  • Parallel vehicles can be detected
  • Low false classification rate
  • Bi-directional traffic can be detected
  • Works in heterogeneous traffic conditions
  • Can Cover up to 5 lanes of traffic
  • Classifies vehicles based on vehicle size
  • Neural Network based classification
  • Operates 24/7 in all conditions
  • Accuracy for traffic count > 98%
  • Accuracy for vehicle classification (3 classes) > 98%
  • Accuracy for vehicle classification (5 classes) > 95%
Primary Data
  • Vehicle Count & Vehicle Classification
  • Vehicle Average Speed
  • Direction of vehicle movement
  • Traffic Density
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Lane ID of vehicle moving
  • Vehicle image (JPG file)
  • Timestamp, GPS position, camera id, country, etc. of vehicle detection