Efkon's ANPR system is based on artificial intelligence/neural network providing a rubust and ready-to-integrate system to capture diverse type of license plates.

Customer Benefits:
    Applicable in
  • Spot speed measurement
  • Criminal Intelligence(blacklist, Wanted, Suspicious, Stolen Vehicle) nitification
  • Parking System
  • Trffic Enforcement
  • Vehicle identification standard/non-standard plates
  • Provides reliability of each vehicle plate & each Character
  • Easy intergration with Challaning Software
  • Widening and strengthening the enforcement ambit through e-challaning
Key Features
    Traffic Condition
  • Free Flow, Stop & Go

  • Detection
  • Detection of Standard and Non-Standard Number Plate
  • Detection of Commercial & Non Commercial Number plate
  • Front or bback image detection
  • Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates

  • General Features
  • Perspective correction tools
  • Duplicated license plate filtering
  • Independent of perspective and scale
  • Adaptive to all types of license plates

  • Data of each license plate logs:
  • License plates, Vehicle image (JPG file)
  • Timestamp, camera Id, country, etc.
  • Location of the licennse plate in the image